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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fabulous Fall!!

I love fall!  This is my favorite season for many reasons.  I can turn off the A/C and have all the windows open - fresh air!!  The trees are changing and I love all the reds, yellows and oranges!  All the decorating for fall doesn't involve putting up a tree - we ALWAYS have problems with the lights!!!  I think the best thing about fall is that the pool closed and I don't have to wear that dang swim suit for 9 whole months!!  Woo hoo!  I swear I'm going to loose weight before next summer (don't I say that every year?)

Okay, onto the decorating.  I started getting all my stuff out of the basement yesterday.  I made a lot of progress but there is still more to do.  I went to the dollar store to get stuff to make my own wreath.
It seems that everyone in blog-world is making one so I jumped on the bandwagon too.  I purchased a wreath, a bag of pumpkins/gourds and 3 leaf picks. $5 bucks - not bad. Then I found this cute little bag of acorns at Walmart for $3.00 and just had to have them!

 Here is the wreath with all the leaves hot glued on. Then I glued on the mini pumpkins and gourds and some of the acorns.  I think it turned out great and it was under $10 plus I have extra leaves and acorns for another project!!  Here it is hanging on my front door - love it!!


After that project, I headed to Michaels and found some pumpkins on sale for $3.99.  I hot glued some of the extra leaves left over from the wreath and added some berries I already had.  Then I wanted to put an "S" initial on one and was getting ready to paint it when I remembered the trim I bought at JoAnn's.  It was self adhesive and I just stuck it on and shaped it into an S.  Easy peasy and so cute!!!

I put one of the pumpkins on my table by the front door. Then I printed the pumpkin artwork from
The Graphics Fairy and put it in a black frame.  

Here is the pumpkin with the "S" made from self-adhesive trim.  I put this one
on the front porch.  

Here are some more pictures of my fall decorations:

I still need to make the pumpkin topiaries for my front porch.  Those are soooo fun!!!!  More pictures when I get that done.  

Well, I'm heading back to the basement to get the rest of my decorations out.  Enjoy this beautiful fall day!!


  1. Look at all the beautiful color! Your decor is great and looks like you had so much fun putting everything just so. Love it!

  2. Everything looks wonderful. My favorite is the initial on the pumpkin with self adhesive trim. I hadn't though of that!

    I also agree with you about the fresh air in the fall and leaving the windows open. I love that so much. I have open windows right now and the crisp air that's coming in is just delicious.

    When you make the topiaries for you porch, I hope you'll link up to my Porch and Garden party!!!

  3. Everything looks great!! Now I have to find my fall stuff. Did you make your porch pillow? Are you going to share on how to do your topiary? I can't wait to see it!! Great idea on framing the Graphic Fairies pictures. That would look great next to my Halloween pictures.

    Happy Fall!!!

    Katharine @ Kat's Almost Purrfect World

  4. Love this.. cute blog. come on over to our site if you ever need new ideas or want to feature one of your items

  5. I have always wanted a Welcome decal like that for our front door. Sexy Nerd, however, thinks they look silly. Honestly, sometimes I think he's completely nuts! :p