Monday, October 18, 2010

Honey, I shrunk the curtains!!!!!

Oops! I honestly didn't mean to do this.  I really did want new curtains for my master bedroom but I swear that I didn't shrink them on purpose.  Really!  You believe me, right?  I don't think handyman hubby believes me either.  : (

The curtains were just cheapo tab top panels that I've had forever. They were looking really dusty so I washed them and dried them on extra low. I hung them back up and realized they shrunk quite a bit so I had to get something new. I couldn't leave them hanging there like that.  All short and looking weird.  Thank goodness the sheer panels didn't shrink - I loooove them so they are staying!!

My fave store Tar-jay had some awesome curtain panels that matched my bedding perfectly.  I bought them and will have pics soon.

Um, hello. How dumb does that look!! The new ones look so much better!!  Now I have to clean my bedroom and take pics for you all!!


  1. You're too funny! Can't wait to see the new ones!

  2. The curtains make your windows look like they went through a growth spurt :) I've done the same thing. Even following laundering instructions I still shrunk panels.


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