Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More No-Sew Window Treatments

Well, I've done it again.  I made more window treatments (without sewing!).  This time they were for my bay window. I have wanted to do something with this window for sew (ha! ha! - I crack myself up!) long!!  I had a picture in my OCD brain of what I wanted to do and came across a photo on a blog that I loved.  You have to check out what Marla of Always Nesting did to her bay window. This was my inspiration - thanks for all your help Marla!!  You can go here to see her window treatments.

I finally found some panels at Bed, Bath and Beyond that I liked.  But there was a problem.  They were on clearance and only had 2 left.  I needed 4 panels so what did I do?  Oh yeah, I cut those babies in half and made 4!  I also wanted tab top panels but these had a pocket for a curtain rod. So, being the creative and thrifty person that I am, I used the tie backs that came with the panels to make some tabs.  Ha!

Hanging the panels was also a challenge.  I really couldn't do a curtain rod because of the angles and everything.  When I saw Marla's window I knew I had to use copy her idea and hang the panels from finials. Another problem.  Those finials are expensive and I needed 10 of them!!  My handyman hubby had a great idea to look in the hardware section at Lowe's.  I found some drawer knobs that I liked and they were much more affordable (about $40 for 10).

Ok, I know you are all dying to see the before and after pictures so here you go:



Here they are at night

Here's a day light picture

I can't believe how much they change the whole look of the windows!!  I absolutely love them!!  It was A LOT of hemming tape and ironing so I'm thinking that I might need to take a sewing class and finally learn how to use a dang sewing machine!
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm On A Mission!!

Hello my peeps!  Sorry I've been MIA the past week.  Lot's to do around here and being the crazy person that I am, I started a new project!  I'll give you a hint about what I'm working on.  It involves my bay window, fabric and lots and lots of hemming tape!!  One thing I hate to do is iron. So what do I do?  Start a project that requires lots of hemming and because I can't sew, I spent all day with my iron!!  Crazy!! I am on a mission to get this done - hopefully by tomorrow, maybe Tuesday.  I'll have pics for you then.  : )

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pumpkin Topiaries

I finally got around to making my pumpkin topiaries and they look awesome!  I did something a little different this year.  Instead of using real pumpkins, I purchased some fake ones at Michaels.  They were 40% off so I spent about $25 for 4 pumpkins.  Not bad considering I can use them year after year.  I would spend almost as much buying real pumpkins every year and they would just get thrown away.  Now I can just put them in a storage container and bring them out every fall ready to go!

The idea for these topiaries came from a Lowe's home magazine about 4 or 5 years ago.  They used real pumpkins, drilled holes down the middle and inserted a metal rod to hold them together.  Only problem is the pumpkins start to rot after a few weeks and I wanted to keep mine for 2 months.  I decided to use their idea but change it up a bit.  I used my trusty old glue gun to hold the pumpkins together and it works great!  I keep the topiaries out until the end of November when I get all my Christmas decorations out.

Here's is what I used to make 2 topiaries:

2 medium pumpkins

2 small pumpkins

fall leaves and berries

2 pots or urns (I used the urns on my porch that had summer flowers in them)

spanish moss

I started by hot-gluing a few leaves near the stem on the small pumpkins. I had some berries and acorns left over from my wreath project so I glued some of those on too.

Then I glued some leaves on the bottom of the medium pumpkins.

Finish by gluing the small pumpkin to the bottom of the medium pumpkin.  I know this sounds backwards but I didn't want to cut the stem off the medium pumpkin and take a chance of ruining it so I just turned the pumpkin upside down.

I kept the potting soil in my urns so they would have some weight to them and not blow away.  I dug a shallow hole and pushed the pumpkins, stem side down, into the urn.  Finish off with a little spanish moss around the edges to hide the dirt.  Easy peasy (and inexpensive!) and so much fun for fall!  I love the way they look on my front porch will all the other fall decor.  The pillow on my chair was from Target (years ago) and I always used the side with the leaves.  I decided to turn it around and I like the striped side now.  I think my front porch is done - maybe I'll get a potted mum - but other than that, I'm done!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fabulous Fall!!

I love fall!  This is my favorite season for many reasons.  I can turn off the A/C and have all the windows open - fresh air!!  The trees are changing and I love all the reds, yellows and oranges!  All the decorating for fall doesn't involve putting up a tree - we ALWAYS have problems with the lights!!!  I think the best thing about fall is that the pool closed and I don't have to wear that dang swim suit for 9 whole months!!  Woo hoo!  I swear I'm going to loose weight before next summer (don't I say that every year?)

Okay, onto the decorating.  I started getting all my stuff out of the basement yesterday.  I made a lot of progress but there is still more to do.  I went to the dollar store to get stuff to make my own wreath.
It seems that everyone in blog-world is making one so I jumped on the bandwagon too.  I purchased a wreath, a bag of pumpkins/gourds and 3 leaf picks. $5 bucks - not bad. Then I found this cute little bag of acorns at Walmart for $3.00 and just had to have them!

 Here is the wreath with all the leaves hot glued on. Then I glued on the mini pumpkins and gourds and some of the acorns.  I think it turned out great and it was under $10 plus I have extra leaves and acorns for another project!!  Here it is hanging on my front door - love it!!


After that project, I headed to Michaels and found some pumpkins on sale for $3.99.  I hot glued some of the extra leaves left over from the wreath and added some berries I already had.  Then I wanted to put an "S" initial on one and was getting ready to paint it when I remembered the trim I bought at JoAnn's.  It was self adhesive and I just stuck it on and shaped it into an S.  Easy peasy and so cute!!!

I put one of the pumpkins on my table by the front door. Then I printed the pumpkin artwork from
The Graphics Fairy and put it in a black frame.  

Here is the pumpkin with the "S" made from self-adhesive trim.  I put this one
on the front porch.  

Here are some more pictures of my fall decorations:

I still need to make the pumpkin topiaries for my front porch.  Those are soooo fun!!!!  More pictures when I get that done.  

Well, I'm heading back to the basement to get the rest of my decorations out.  Enjoy this beautiful fall day!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Really Cool Recipe Art

First, I have to say that this was not my idea.  It is so cool and I wish it was but I have to give credit to Tausha at Sassy Style for this really cool idea.  You can check out her blog here.

My recipe art is a little bit different than Tausha's but I really love the way it turned out.  It looks so great in my kitchen!

I used a frame from a garage sale that I spray painted black (I know, I know. I spray paint EVERYTHING black!)  The frame was brand new, still in the box but a silver color.  I used some green scrap book paper that I already had for the background and attached the recipe cards to some cream-colored paper.  Then I  used some brown ink to rub along the edges to make the paper look old.  I added a few buttons and a "family" cutout that I used the brown ink on too.  I love having my moms recipe (written in her hand writing) displayed so beautifully!

Here is a closer picture:

I think this is such a cool idea!  I might even frame the first notes my handyman hubby and I wrote to each other back in 1986!! (yes I kept them!)  Yikes - that was a long time ago!  Okay, now I'm feeling old so let's talk about something else.

Thanks Tausha for such a great idea!  You have to check out her blog at www.sassystyleredesign.blogspot.com

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Pretty In Pink

My daughter Hannah is 9 and she has a "Pretty In Pink" bedroom that I decorated on a budget.  First let me say that her room doesn't usually look like this.  Usually there are stuffed animals all over the bed and stuff spread out on her desk.  I edited some of the stuff before I took pictures.

A lot of the items in her room came from either garage sales or thrift stores.  I found her desk at a garage sale and painted it white and the knobs purple.  The side table is actually a child's table that I found at a garage sale. There weren't any chairs with it and it was pretty beat up.  It got a few coats of white paint too and I love how it looks next to her bed.  Her headboard was from a thrift store and was a yellow-gold color before I painted it.  The large purple locker was a great find at a garage sale.  It originally was in her big sister's bedroom - until big sis became a teenager and it wasn't cool any more.

Of course, now that we painted the whole room pink, Hannah decided that she wants a "mint green" bedroom.  Too bad!  Painting her room was a LONG process.  The walls were a dark blue so we had to prime and paint 2 coats of pink.  Maybe - BIG MAYBE - I will paint 1 or 2 walls a light green at some point.  She does have some green in her comforter so it would look nice but I am done painting in her room for now.

Sorry about the picture quality - her room faces south and it is really sunny today!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Bunch of Stuff!

Hi everyone!  I have a bunch of different things to share with you.  First, I added a new feature to my blog.  You can enter your email address and every time I post a new blog you'll get an email message.  Go to "Subscribe to my blog" and enter your email address and click subscribe.  It's that easy!!

Last week I went to visit my BFF (her name is Lori too - I swear!!).  She lives about an hour away and has the most beautiful, amazing house!  I need to get pictures and share them with you all.  Anyway, there was a new thrift store that just opened up and we just HAD to go check it out.  The place was huge!!  I bought a candle stick (I will be spray painting it black - shocking, I know!) and a bag of metal cookie cutters.  I ended up getting a large glass jar at Wal-mart for the cookie cutters and put them in my dining room.  Check out the pics:

Cute huh? A girl can never have too many candlesticks!

On Labor Day, I went to visit my grandparents and came home with more goodies!!  My gram had a bunch of old books - really old, like from the early 1900's!! - and I brought 6 of them home.  They aren't really worth much to anyone else but for me, well, I love that kind of stuff!  There are all kinds of notes and writings in them, some from my gram & gramps and some from relatives that I didn't even know!  I put them all around in my family room and even framed a map that was in one of them.  Check it out:

Don't they look cute on my side table!!

Here is the map that I framed - love it!!

A few other things I am working on.  First, the bay window in my kitchen.  I have roman shades up but am trying to find something to jazz them up a little.  I've been all over blog-land looking for ideas!!
Boring!  Needs some fabric and color.

I'm also trying to spruce up my family room in the basement.  I got this pillow at Kirkland's (got a great deal!) and am heading in the black & cream direction. We finished our basement about 9 years ago - handyman hubby did all the work (with my help, of course) except the carpet.  We practically live in our basement.  The "big" TV is down there and all the gaming systems.  Plus, handyman hubby works from home and his office is in the basement.  I have an area for my crafts and scrapbooking too.  So, hopefully I will get something done soon and have pictures for you!

I love this pillow!  It was on sale and I had a coupon.  Doesn't get better than that!
Thanks for all the wonderful comments I've received.  I love reading them and hope you all are enjoying my blog.  Remember to "Follow" my blog and sign up for email updates!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My New Love - Bead Board Wallpaper

Happy Sunday everyone!  It is gorgeous here in central Ohio - mid 70's, low humidity - just a perfect day.

I have been working on my kitchen - it's never ending!!  My handyman hubby helped me put up the bead board wallpaper yesterday.  This stuff is great!  It was easy to work with and looks awesome!  I had to wait 24 hours to paint it (that was the hardest part!) Today I got it painted and I absolutely love it!!  I have a bunch of wallpaper left so I might add some to the bathroom cabinets. Remember, I have decorating OCD!  I'm never really done with anything!

I am loving my kitchen now - except for the countertops of course!  I still want granite but am looking at all my options.  There is a local company that makes a granite overlay that goes on top of your existing countertop. I have no idea how much it costs so I might look into that.  What I like about that option is that there is no demolition in my kitchen.  We tiled our backsplash 2 years ago and I know it would get ripped up taking out the old counter.  With this option, I wouldn't have to worry about that.

Another option is building our own counter with granite tiles.  The only negative to this idea is the grout.  I'm not sure how that would hold up with all the water and food that gets spilled on the counter.

If you have any ideas let me know!!

Installing the bead board wallpaper

Here is all the bead board paper up. It has to dry for 24 hours before painting.

The finished product - I love it!!

You would never know this is wallpaper!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Yes it's true - today is my birthday.  It's funny that when I was a little it seemed like my birthday and Christmas took forever to get here.  Now, it seems like just yesterday that it was my birthday.  I swear this is the last birthday I'm going to have.  No more!

My handyman hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I thought long and hard about it.  I decided that I wanted crown molding for my family room.  I know - I'm sick.  But that is really what I want!  I told you I have decorating OCD!!

So what am I doing on my birthday?  Check out this picture:

Just keepin it real people.  Yes my house gets messy and I have laundry all over the kitchen floor!  What's a mom to do?

Before I leave you today, I have to say "GO BUCKS"!!!!!!  1st game of the season tonight - OSU vs Marshall.

Hannah & Jake

Yes, my dog has an OSU jersey!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Made Me Some Window Treatments!!!

Happy Wednesday!!  I am so excited to show you my latest project.  I actually made curtains for my kitchen windows!  I know it's hard to believe since I CAN'T SEW AT ALL!!!  But there is this magical product called hemming tape and it's perfect for people like me!!

After my handman hubby put in the new light above my kitchen sink, I knew that those dusty old valances had to go!  I could not find anything I liked so I went to my mentor and decorating hero - Thrifty Decor Chick. She has an amazing decorating blog and her home is gorgeous!!  On her blog, she has instructions on how to make no-sew faux roman shades. Check out her blog at www.thriftydecorchic.blogspot.com.

I went to JoAnn's this week to get some fabric and wouldn't you know that all their fabric is 50% off this week!!  That never happens!!  I have to admit that I was a little nervous and didn't want to mess up and ruin my fabric (that wasn't cheap!).  I think they turned out really nice.  Here are some pics so you can see for yourself:

This is before the new light and window treatments

After - I love it!!

This stuff is great!!!