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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What A Week!

The past week has been absolutely crazy
around here! In one day this is what

Vacuum cleaner broke
A/C went out on an 88ยบ day
Hot water heater stopped working
Hannah's fish died

I'm being totally serious. All of this happened
on the same day. We had the A/C 
repaired but it cost us a CRAZY amount of money.
We went 5 days with no hot water. It's all
a very long and boring story so I won't go into
all the details. I had to warm water on the stove so
I could wash dishes which by the way
is not my idea of fun. I love my dishwasher!
The freezing cold showers weren't fun either.

What really stinks about all of this is what
happened just a few days before. 

We sold our armoire on Craig's List. Yeah! The
plan was to buy a new TV console at IKEA and then
get a new flat screen for the family room.

Here is a photo of  the "Giant Armoire".

That plan came to a screeching halt when we had
to buy a new vacuum and repair the A/C and
water tank.

Now we had no place to put the
old TV (that weighs A LOT) so Handyman Hubby brought the teeny tiny flat screen down from our bedroom. I went around the house
looking for something that I could magically
turn into a TV console.

Remember this dresser in Taylor's room?

It's an antique that was given to me by a dear
friend years ago. The only problem with it was the
2 long drawers would stick and it was hard
to get them open. I took an extra dresser
that we had in our closet and gave that to Taylor.
This dresser is going to be my new TV console!

I took the long drawers out and started priming.

Then Handyman Hubby cut some MDF we had
left over from the library to make 2 shelves.
I also painted the front of the small drawers with
leftover paint. The knobs are from the kitchen
cabinets that I took the doors off of.
So far so good and FREE!

Here is the MDF primed . . . it's already looking
less like a dresser and more like a super cool TV console!

The DVR and DVD player will go on the top 
shelf. I'm going to do something fun with the bottom shelf.  : )

Handyman Hubby needs to drill holes for all the
wires and then everything will get a coat or 2 of white paint.

I might have to live with the teeny tiny TV for
a while but that's ok. I'm actually getting used to it now. 

So here is where my story ends today. I'm hoping 
to get some more painting done and move
the DVD and DVR to the shelf. I'll be back soon 
with updates!

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  1. That is a great idea! Way to go on thinking outside the box!

  2. Oh man, that does sound like a rough week! You came up with such a great idea for the tv console though! Looking good!

  3. Wow, talk about a streak of bad luck! Atleast you got everything fixed and our working with what you have to make due. I think the dresser will make a great tv console. Can't wait to see it when you are all done.

  4. I had one of those weeks also except mine had to do with moving and choking :( Can't wait to see the finished product, I'm sure it will be fabulous.

    Hope this week is much better so far.



  5. Oh my gosh, Lori ~ you are not having very good luck! I think you need to get out your lucky rabbit's foot or eat Lucky Charms cereal or something!! On the positive side, I adore your tv console ~ it's going to look fantastic, probably much better than one from Ikea. Can't wait to see it completed!

  6. Way to take lemons and make lemonade! I'm proud of you! My guess is that you will end up liking that console better! AND it was virtually free! (it balances out all of the other money you had to spend! Maybe??) It look great!

  7. I think you're living my life LOL totally something that would happen here. I am loving using the old dressers as TV consoles! It looks great and it's so functional. Many of the TV consoles are poor quality and the old dressers are much more sturdy. http://www.addhousewife.com/2012/05/dresser-to-tv-console.html is the one I finished up last week :O) im a new linky follower, too

  8. Great recycled project. Makes me want to do something with the two dressers in my garage (currently listed on Craigslist). I'm going to follow you on Linky too, I'd love you to follow me too!

    Karen @ ItsAllGoodHome.com

  9. LOVE IT (in my best soprano singing voice!)

  10. Came out great. Found you at mop it up mondays and am now following. Would love if you shared at my furniture party http://www.decoratinginsanity.com/2012/05/furniture-friday-15-and-features.html

  11. Oh man what a bad day. At least something good came from it...the new TV stand is awesome! I have one similar waiting in the garage that has not inspired me to work on it yet. Now I just might. :) I love the fact that it was a stinkin' cheap re-do. Great job!

  12. Your cabinet turned out great! Thanks so much for sharing this at Project Queen's Link Party. When it rains it pours - doesn't it??? When one thing breaks... everything else does too!

  13. Fantastic job - I'm here from Mop it up Mondays and am your newest follower, would love you to follow me too!!!

  14. Your tv stand looks fantastic. I'm keeping my eye open for one for our basement TV room. Too bad about the mechanical failures (and the fish). Did you get hit by lightening? Something similar happened to my neighbour and they were struck by lightening.

  15. Sorry, I should clarify. Their tv, dishwasher, freezer and water heater were affected by the lightening hitting the house. Our neighbours are just fine ;)