Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Grocery Shopping, Coupons and Saving Money

Today I'm sharing how I save money on groceries. I've always used coupons but when my grocery bill started to increase I knew something had to change. 

What works for me is meal planning and grocery shopping once a week. I have thought about trying a 2 week schedule but haven't done it yet. I think once the kiddos go back to school I might give it a try. Right now they eat everything up as soon as I bring it home from the store!

The first thing I do is decide what we're having for dinner for the upcoming week. I go thru my recipes and if I need any ingredients they go on my list. I also look in the fridge, freezer and pantry to see if we're out of anything. Then I look at my store circular to see what is on sale and match coupons to the sales. I do most of my grocery shopping at Meijer because they double coupons and I can combine store coupons with manufacturer coupons to save even more!

There are a few things I get at Costco because the prices are a lot cheaper. We get all our paper towels, toilet paper and tissues there and I always buy the Costco brand. I also get shredded cheese in the large bag, divide it up into individual baggies and freeze it. It is A LOT cheaper! 

Basement Pantry for items I stock up on

A few other tips on saving money . . if an item is on sale and you have coupons to make it free or cheap go ahead and buy it - even if you don't need it right away. Stock up on items when you can get them at great prices. A few weeks ago I purchased 4 bottles of BBQ sauce because they were on sale and I had 4 coupons. I paid about 40¢ for each bottle! They have a long shelf life so I added them to my extra pantry in the basement.

I also freeze butter, bread, hamburger and hotdog buns, cheese, deli meat and a bunch of other things. Right now I have several loaves of bread in my freezer because they were buy one, get one FREE and I had coupons too!

Here are a few of the websites I go to for the latest deals and coupons:

A Thrifty Mom

Deal Finding Chik

Deal Finding Chik

I'd love to hear how you save money on groceries! Leave me a comment with your ideas and suggestions!


  1. HI Lori! I recently did a meal plan for a week (wanted to be like you!) and it was so nice not to stress about what to eat. Like, I mean SO NICE. :) I have not gotten as organized as you as far as checking ads and matching coupons though. We currently have 23% Food Perks at Giant Eagle to use. Even though we think that they are more expensive, that is a huge savings when we need tons of things and will probably be getting at least $200 in groceries. I have a sister-in-law that is the coupon queen and she uses a lot of coupons from CVS that are at the bottom of her receipt. She gets all of her toiletries that way there. Thanks for sharing your awesome tips, I am striving to be more organized and save us money too!

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  3. These are some great tips, I just recently started freezing bread and was surprised to find out it does not have any effect on the bread. I need to buy the big bag of cheese at costco and freeze some of it what a great idea.
    I am your newest follower from the once a month blog hop

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